About Us

Airmatic Lowering Links is small company that specialises in the manufacture of plated fully adjustable lowering links for vehicles that are equipped with Airmatic Suspension Systems.

Back in 2003, I purchased my first E500 Merecedes Benz, after a short time I wanted to make the car look unique from other E class Models and searched the Main dealers, internet and tuning companies for a method of Lowering the car.

The first device I found, was an Electronic module costing around £1200.00 that had to be installed with about 16 cables into the wiring loom, after spending nearly £40,000 on the car, I was really not keen on splicing the wiring loom and having the windscreen wipers coming on when I wanted to turn left etc!

The next idea that I uncovered is know as the “Washer Method”. With this idea, you basically ram some cheap metal washers between the Fragile Control Arm and the Electronic Sensor and hope for the best! – Same scenario (40K car dodgy washers etc!).

After some Comprehensive research (and my new best friend the Service Manager at our Local Mercedes dealership) we designed a prototype Linkage that fitted in place of the original, this convinced the vehicle computer to lower the car and is still installed today since late 2003.

By this time I had moved up in the world and Purchased an E55 AMG, the same as my friend’s (and now business Partner). I spoke in depth about what I have achieved with my E500 and we both decided to spend some time on developing some more for these cars.

After producing some extensive prototype Drawings, we approached a Local established Engineering company to see if they could assist with producing these units, after many meetings and test fittings,-they did, and the first set are on my Business Partners Car still today.

We then decided to invest our time and Money into developing the Linkages for all other Cars that are equipped with Air-matic suspension, and can now supply a Fully Adjustable Lowering Kit for all the models you will see on this website.

Thank You for taking the time to read our story of how Airmatic Lowering Links was born.


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Our Lowering Range

  • Mercedes Benz
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Range Rover
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche
  • Bentley