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Our Standard Lowering Linkage Kits are designed to lower cars with factory fitted air or hydraulic suspension.

We were the first to develop this style of lowering kit and there are many others that try to copy our kits none of which measure up to the quality, reliability and precision of our range of  lowering kits.

The components used to create our standard range of air and hydraulic Lowering kits are bright zinc coated and have a corrosion resistance of 96 hours (A plating industry standard) as opposed to just 16 hours offered by some of our competitors.

Our standard range of lowering kits also use, where required specially made rods that allow the lowering linkages to comfortably clear the vehicles chassis rails and other important suspension components.

The rods we supply are made to a specific length to ensure that the kits allow you to return your car to it original ride height. This is extremely handy if you need to sell your car or return it to the factory stock height as most often the original linkages are damaged during removal or extremely difficult to refit due their construction.

Where it is required that a ball joint be fixed to a rod we use a simply process that stakes the two components together so create a permanent fixing unlike our competitors who simply glue such components together!

Ask to see an actual pictures of the products being offered by our competitors and ourselves and we will be able to demonstrate the superior quality of our lowering kits.

Engineering Perfection Standard Linkages V2