Differences between our kits

Our new Evolution lowering kits have been designed to address all the short comings of our competitors lesser quality kits and to offer greater benefits over our original kits.

We believe our new Evolution kits are the greatest engineered, easiest to install, most durable, safest, most functional kits available today and priced competitively.

The Evolution lowering kits have been designed to include the following features and benefits –

• Easy installation takes 45 minutes to 1 hour
• No need to remove to adjust saving time on installation and making adjustments
• Black zinc coated bars and ball joints are up to 45x more corrosion resistant than other kits
• Additional retaining clips for greater safety.
• Can be adjusted to achieve OEM ride height.
• Specially designed billet aluminium adjusters with ‘grip-it’ knurled sections
• Stainless steel nuts and clips to increase durability and longevity.
• Stake pressed threads to securely attach static ball joints to the linkage bars

Differences between kits

The less expensive Original kits use good quality zinc plating where by the Evolution kits use a higher resistant black zinc plating.

The less expensive linkages of the Original kit have to be removed each time you need to make an adjustment where by the Evolution linkages use a billet aluminium adjuster that allow the linkage to be adjusted without removing it from the car making adjustment and setting up simple.

The Evolution kits use stainless steel nuts and clips to further enhance their longevity. Whereby the other kit uses zinc plated fixings.

The Evolution kits are by far the best kits on the market we believe.